The linear house by Ekam studio

  • Project name: The linear house
  • Name of client: Vishal Shah
  • Design Firm: Ekam Studio
  • Design Firm Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Principal Designer/Architect: Ar. Dhwani Shah & ID. Vatsal Solanki
  • Built-up Area of project: 2200 sq. ft.
  • Carpet Area of project: 1832.2 sq. ft. (ground floor + 1st and 2nd floor)
  • Project Location: Waghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Photography credits : Tejas shah
House name: The Linear house. Reason: If you see, we have used vertical grooves all over the property in different styles and types and also in the interior. This compliments the height of the project as well as the clean vertical lines make a very beautiful visual aspect.
About the site:  physical (topographical – location and surrounding)  :Waghodia, Vadodara. The project is located is in the centre of the area.
It’s a developing area with very quiet and peaceful neighbourhood.The open environment and the lush green garden behind makes the place an eternal bliss. 

There were multiple concepts in our mind, two of our concept were presented to the client - A larger than life, extravagant bungalow or a pleasant, soothing, minimal home. The latter one was obviously more appealing to the clients and us so that is what we went with.
2 bedrooms on the first floor, one for him and second for his daughter along with balconies for both the bedroom. 
The biggest challenge was to introduce the black and grey in the Master Bedroom, the one space which we were very keen and confident about. Since the dawning stage the client were intrigued of how the room would turn out to be and after the completion we heard only one thing “Magical”!
And a home theatre/bar on the 2nd floor with an open terrace which connects straight from the home theatre for his evening parties
As it is a west facing property, there is nice amount of fresh air and very god ventilation in the house. During summers, the top terrace gets heat up easily, but due to our home theatre/bar on the 2nd floor, the below bedrooms are most likely in a cooler side. On the balcony of the Master bedroom, we have provided a small linear OTS with fixed glass for an evening sky view while having tea in the balcony, enjoying the beautiful sunset and fresh air. There are enough amount of windows and opening even on the staircase area so that the staircase landing area does not go on a very darker side and also the windows are open able for a nice amount of circulation on that area. 
the house has a direct visibility from the main road, we used M.S Bar’s to cover the side facade, it helps in privacy as well as ads up to the overall design. And during mid-day time, this beautiful facades makes playful lights inside the home.
A default requirement- Because it’s a west facing property, the default requirement was a huge balcony where beautiful sunsets with evening teas could be enjoyed. 
The design brief was simple yet a bit complicated, a couple with polar opposing views regarding the design. A challenging yet fun task was to bring everyone on the same page and build this incredible house.
The client wanted 1 bedroom at ground level for his mother. A large enough of kitchen for his wife, as his wife is very fond of cooking and dreamt of a huge kitchen. A very decent and small puja area connecting the large space of living room. A living room with minimal but modern look complimenting the outer recreational space.

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