Minimalist Home by HK Design Studio

Less really is more kept the foundation of home simple and pure, curating every piece in space with intent. “We created a minimalist space look warm and welcoming”.

This home is A Spectacular Blend Of subtle blend of black tones, Grooves, light wood furniture and varied Kinds of Lights is definitely a treat for the eyes of a spectator. Transparency and openness play an important role here.
The entrance foyer takes you to the formal living room via the main entrance, walking into the living room, you will see straight lines and minimal modern furniture, combined with cosy décor items such as flower pots, large cushions and throw blankets. Also the lamp, the center table, the clock and the plant are the things that grab the attention. White Walls and Wooden Decor are the perfect match this color duo helps to add a sense of warmth and coziness and also helps you design a space that is aesthetic, elegant and minimal.

The dining table has the ideal minimalist design. It features a sleek dark wood countertop with criss-cross legs with a wooden seating chairs. The subtle design of this minimalist dining table set comes with no fussy or unnecessary embellishments. It looks sleek and adequate for any modern Indian apartment. 
Minimalist Bedroom isn’t limited to just black and white. The moody painted walls pictured mesh well with the simplicity of the rest of the room. We used pale coral and headboard of dark magenta color, courtesy of beautiful flowers and bedside small plant, a simple way to keeps guest bedroom things feeling fresh without causing clutter. 
This minimalist master bedroom shows how these 02 colours can be used together, in perfect harmony, to create the perfect couple’s minimalist bedroom! Master Bedroom we have used coffee and dark blue colour, which can feel equally streamlined.
Functional and sleek, the kitchen displays a soothing pastel visual with a pale turquoise with combination of black colour. An integral room of the home, it is designed to be clutter-free without the addition of unnecessary appliances and wares. Integrated fluted glass into a semi-open kitchen’s window, sliding door and glass cabinet doors are one of those additions to a kitchen that instantly elevates its aesthetic, bringing a sense of airiness and real refinement and to break up the visual monotony of rows of cabinets.

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