“Swa:” by Green Squares design Studio

  • Name:- “Swa:”
  • Location:-Kadi, Gujrat.
  • Designed by: Green Squares design Studio
“SWA:” a private residence bungalow located in town called Kadi, 40kms away from Ahmedabad in Gujrat, is truly spectacular residence, spread over 4500 sq. area, client being a builder, wanted his house to be eye catchy welcoming and luxurious, comprising modern as well as Indian aesthetics. This house is an illustration of conventional beauty in a modern environment. With attention to details being paramount with selection of each modern as well as antique. All the elements come together and add lux values to the design.
Beautiful marble Dover white and grey waves marble from Stonyc, flooring from Silvassa, Antique from Jain enterprise, Brass work from titan platters, teak furniture, pastel fabrics from d’décor, blue and pink pestle lime coated wall by limo coat, all together make the ambiance more lux. Beautiful artefact by home décor and customised glass chandeliers from Ghaziabad make spaces more indigenous and glorified.
Taking on a journey of this house, it starts with entry and linear corridor connects to dining with further connects to Pooja, family sitting with stairs and then living room by a common passage. To design the foyer and entry passage was a challenge as the entry itself is a reflection of luxury of this house. Teak veneer wall and ceiling with unique customised brass flowers and welcoming artefacts, having a console with wood, marble and brass is creating and everlasting impact on visitors while entering.
The fabricated stairs with marble and wood with raised platform create a space for family sitting along with Pooja. 5ft. tall face of horse, which is symbol of progress is capturing attention to the entire space. Soft pastel pink lounge sofa, pastel pink lime plaster with red wine chandelier and contrast blue colour make this space more cosy and rich.
Moving further this passage leads you to the double height dining area having great source of light with glorious rose customised glass chandelier, dover white marble top dining table make the space heart of the  house. Moving to the left, the whole focus is captured by the Pooja space having blue backdrop, which is subtle down by the height pink pestle lime coated backdrop wall. The famous artist Nirali gajjar has created art installation from her series called “Threads Ran of Kutch” has made this space uniquely magical.
Grandparent’s room, is having shades of purple with cream and grey palate give space minimal and comfort appealing curves, arches and soft edges are introduced to provide smoothness in space and for safety reasons.
The entire Master bedroom has a major focal point is the design of arch shaped bed back. The symmetric use of arch in the master bedroom also contributed to a sense of balance and coherence. The use of materials in this geometry was also consistent. The minor detailing of arch and creating alcove out of it enhance the beauty of the room. The constant use of cane, combined with similarly proportioned geometric pattern design, allowed for visual consistency. The green back panels, wardrobe, and storage unit provide the appropriate scale for exploring and experimenting. 
There is another interesting detail all along the lengthened passage leading the hallway and other rooms at first floor. The bench has been designed for sharing place which is in between the two bedrooms where low height seating which wanted to have. Simple yet eye catchy aesthetic we wanted to provide to this piece of art furniture. While designing, inspiration is taken from mid-century modern furniture which represents the functionality, cleaned lined, simplicity as well as elegance. This elegant low height seating is the fusion of bobbin’s legs inspired from ‘Indian Bajor’ and mid-century modern furniture style.
The house is a showcase for exploring and experimenting with the relationship between geometry and materials. The delicate balance of creating contrasts with the colour beige of cane with a range of traditional and contemporary colour palettes was achieved. It is, indeed, a stroll down memory lane through a new lens


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