Sakkare By Shilpa Sambargi Architects

Comfort and luxury meet the natural aesthetics and a timeless family home emerges. Enhanced by a resort-like, with gardens and pool, this villa ( Sakkare ) in Southern Bangalore is designed by the architectural and interior firm Shilpa Sambargi Architects.

This house is in the newly developing outskirts of Southern Bengaluru.

The large living windows open to a well-articulated outdoor garden amphitheater apt for open air seating during large social gatherings.

Client Brief The middle-aged couple who loves socialising wanted a dream holiday home where they could host parties, enjoy the weekends and have frequent family gatherings. Therefore, the entire property has 2 blocks (Villa and The Annex Block) apart from the plenty garden facets.

The Villa has 5 large bedrooms. The entry to the villa is a large, cantilevered concrete slab porch which has the soffit panelled with natural timber. The extent of the overhang is quite apparent and gives a remarkable feeling at the arrival.

Northeastern gate made of Corten steel is the main entry to the Villa from the road.

The villa has large windows to enhance the views and bring nature indoors.

The glass is mostly on the north and east, while the west and south are either walled off or have larger roof extensions. The villa is cladded with horizontal panels of white limestone (dry cladding method). The roof is covered with grey natural slate which is slightly textured. The large openings of the villa have solid wooden windows with louvers which are well crafted. The contrast of polished white limestone, grey slate and dark wooden windows looks well balanced and blends beautifully with the surrounding lush greens.

The large windows of the villa facing the northern side and opening to the lush green.

Adjacent to the villa is the annex block which houses the socialising spaces like the guest bedrooms, party lounge, bar counter, home theatre and shaded semi open large terraces.

  • Products / Vendors
  • Glass                                                  :           Saint Gobain
  • Paint                                                  :           Asian Paints
  • Furniture                                           :           Stanley Furniture
  • Furnishing                                         :           Magari Furnishings
  • Air-conditioning                              :           LG
  • Lights                                                 :           Panzeri, Italy
  • Switches                                            :           Lutron Switches
  • Kitchen Fixtures                              :           Nolte kitchens, Germany
  • Bath Fixtures                                   :           Gessi, Italy
  • Exterior Cladding                            :           Classic White Limestone from Turkey
  • Windows                                   :         Albertini, Italy
  • Consultants
  • Structural                                         :           Mr. Vinod (URU Consultants)
  • Electrical                                           :           PK Consultants
  • Civil                                                     :           Mr. Govardhan
  • HVAC                                                  :           KH Aircon
  • Plumbing                                          :           Bays Consultancy Services
  • Photograph Credits                        :           Shamanth Patil  , Arjun Krishna

The double height pavilion which is a party space has a large expanse of exposed concrete ceiling with beamless soffit is supported by sleek metal columns is well articulated with a large back drop of natural grey stone trellis and the serene aqua green color pool.

The arrival porch of the villa is a thin cantilevered RCC slab of 20 feet in length and the soffit is paneled with natural teak wood gives a marvelous and a magnanimous feel.

The party area is a pavilion which is a double height structure with metal twin rectangular columns holding the thin RCC roof. It looks very minimal without any beams. It is a flat clean finish and exposed concrete roof soffit.

The entire pavilion is approximately around 2500 sft and can easily accommodate 200 people during any events. The bar counter is a single monolith solid black granite panel which has the saw markings has been kept raw. The flooring material of the party lounge floor has colourful handmade cement tiles which forms a lovely contrast to the enormous rough jet-black granite bar counter.

Semi Outdoor patio acts as a connecting space from the master bedroom and the space. The pergolas timber roof and the handmade tiles for the flooring make a balancing act to the landscaped exteriors.

Overlooking the pavilion is a huge post which has a beautiful emerald green lava stone. This green evokes a sense of luxury and strikes well with the landscaping greens.

The double height guest bedroom with cantilevered timber treads.

The minimalistic approach with use of timeless colours like black for the seating, white faceted panels for the wall and wine colour floor carpet forms a perfect balance as the home theatre theme.

As a backdrop to the pool is a multi-layered natural granite jalli arranged with vertical granite slabs. This stone jalli acts as a screen layer to the guest block giving it an adequate privacy and also making an architectural statement to the garden pavilion .

 The large double height windows in the guest bedroom gives a seamless connect to the landscaped exterior.

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