Residence at Lokhandwala by rennovate Ar.Smita Vijaykumar

  • Project Name : Residence at Lokhandwala
  • Project Type : (Apartment Interiors)
  • Location : Wadala, Mumbai
  • Architect’s Name: reNNovate
  • Team of Architects or designers Name:  Smita Vijaykumar
  • Client Name: Sekhars
  • Year Built : 2021
  • Site Area : 1600 sq ft
  • Photography: Aaditya Pandey

This Modern Indian 4BHK at Runwal Elegante, Lokhandwala-Mumbai has been designed inch by inch to extract functionality and aesthetics. The clients were a middle aged doctor couple who decided it was time to renovate it completely and turn it into the perfect space to entertain. it also has a space which perfectly uses the Pantone colour of the year in this 

We stuck to a neutral colour palette for the living room. We custom designed for the project really high quality of modular furniture going through the home.The dining area was made much more dramatic as well.With fabulous stone finish wall in the dining area encompassing the grey neutral tones, the pops of bold yellow in the dining chairs and accent chairs create that fun element.
The master bedroom is again set in neutral wood tones with a bold pop of blue. This contrasts with a lush green balcony. Fully embroidered curtains and sheers create that luxury feeling in the heart of Mumbai!
The daughters room has a customized Mumbai wallpaper again playing with the neutral tones that is the overall home theme.  The fully modular kitchen also plays with wood and blue tones. The entire home is a display of customized high quality factory finished furniture from reNNovate. From design to 3D, the project was finished in 45 days owing to the innovative modern processes adopted at reNNovate.
ReNNovate is Mumbai’s no.1 Renovation Company. We have been featured in Times of India,  Property, Business standard, India Today , Outlook as renovation experts. With 200+ projects completed, we have renovated many old homes and offices into modern state-of-the art spaces!  we take pride in the detailed 5 star reviews given to us by our esteemed customers. 
ReNNovate is a future ready design-oriented company using industrialization of products into design. Industrialization in the west created many fantastic styles like Bauhaus, Modernism which reflected the industrial products and the aesthetic that ensued. In India, the handmade and carpenter made is the standard and at the epoch of industrialization of interiors, we reject the new designs coming from these industrial products because of cookie cutter approaches towards what Indian design should be!
We, at reNNovate pride ourselves on customizing modular and industrial products into beautiful homes!We design industrial modular products into homes capitalizing the speed and finishing of product with a keen eye on design. We fight the unfortunate innuendos attached to modular products converting customer by customer one by one- delivering fantastic customized quality driven homes & offices to mid-high-end homes.
The mandir area was an important part of this space with a traditional south Indian set up and custom mdf jaali to neatly create a rectangular space for living-dining and mandir. 


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