Orange Tree launches a quintessential Art Deco furniture collection that infuses style with serenity

“Our Art Deco collection pays attention to functionality, comfort, creativity and use of natural materials. Incorporating stylised geometric patterns, muted colours, and polished finishes, the collection marries classical luxury with an understated modern appeal,” says Gaurav Jain, Founder of Orange Tree. 


Orange Tree unveils its new Art Deco range of furniture with the spotlight on geometric shapes, symmetry, luxe metallic, and clean lines. Contemporary designs influenced by the roaring twenties French style will elevate any space while creating a beautiful harmony between finesse and elegance.

The dazzling 1920s and 1930s Arts Decoratifs --- all about embracing timeless craftsmanship steeped in luxury and glamour – a la Great Gatsby, is making a comeback this season. Advocating technological progress, sophistication and optimism, it somehow has always remained at the heart of conversations of interior design connoisseurs, as the design elements seamlessly blend with every ambience -- classical or modern.  

This eloquently crafted collection, eclectic in concept with bold features, stays rich in materials too, marrying natural wood, marble and brass. Brass legs and rivet details raise the glamour quotient up a notch as they showcase an undeniable visual appeal. A dynamic dining table with complimentary chairs to pair with invites scintillating entertaining rounds with friends and family. 

Watch the Art Deco drama unfold around the chic set of a circular coffee table or the smart rectangular one, a focal point for conversations. Keep the nooks and corners ready with side tables with polished marble tops or wooden, perfect for holding your glass of wine or beautiful vases.

The cosy bedside table with the matching television cabinet can enliven any interior with its cool urbane vibe. An unmissable and thought-provoking square pouffe that fills in the blanks or crafts a special niche. The sleek futuristic design thread in the study table and the wall shelf instigates an unforgettable setting for current-day ergonomics.  

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