Mr. Jayesh Bhansali Residence - 4bhk by The design code Ar.Prashant Jain, Pareen Kariya

  • Project Name :Mr. Jayesh Bhansali Residence - 4bhk
  • Designed by/ Firm Name :The design code
  • Location : Tardeo , Grant road
  • Client Name: Mr. Jayesh Bhansali 
  • Year Built : 2021
  • Carpet area  : 1700sft
  • Project Cost Appx : 1.5
  • Principal Architect(s) : Prashant Jain, Pareen Kariya
  • Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : Ruchita Jain Amol More
  • Design Team:ThedesignCODE
  • Photography:Prashant Bhatt 

Experience luxe and modernity infused in warm and inviting space with TheDesignCode that turns 1700 sq. feet into a living and breathable abode. 
The Design Code, Mumbai, has yet again given us an incredible living space with its luxe-inspired opulent theme that successfully embraces the very idea of a grandiose life. Designed to excellence, every corner of the residential flat is a testament to its unrivaled palette choice and lavish decor that hints at comfort from every corner. 
What is your idea of comfort? We asked interior designers Prashant Jain and Pareen, who shared their experiences of making walls and cabinets bristle with life by rolling out their latest statement interior design at a 1700 sq. feet residential space. "We want people to feel the natural vibe of a cozy and comfortable space whilst living an ultra-modern lifestyle," said the duo. 
A European-inspired balcony area featuring a checkered floor, playful accents, and an extension of subtle greenery in the living room is iconic and modern. The breath of fresh air paired with this playful space that oozes luxe from every corner is quite an attention-puller. Although more informal, the contemporary theme with the dark ceiling and walls, furniture, and glowing black ceramic pots add a visual appeal to the space. 
Every inch of the design turned out magical and detailed. The subtle, inviting paste shade is already a big win that sets the mood for urban and earthy freshness. Inspired by the pleasant present-day architecture, the living hall is an elegance-clad living atmosphere that can be allegorized with what you call accommodative. With the wall-matching and gracefully complementing furniture in golden and walnut brown hues taking over the space's monotony, the white paneled ceiling briskly merging within the clean walls bring serene calm and coziness one looks out for after a hectic shift at the workplace. 
The third room can be rightfully coined as an epicenter of class and detailed modern-day decor. The glowing granite framed bedhead backed by an asymmetrical glowing granite is such a statement. The subtle notes of mauve in the paneled walls and furniture elevate the calming work of art, tieing the space to form a cohesive abode meant to nestle and have fun! 
The other room with two teal-colored upholstery erected straight to the ceiling gives us a grand and lively feel. The excellent use of mirrors to highlight the spaces in between beautifully sits alongside glowing LEDs that accentuate the urbanic vibe of the room. The complementing curtains add sophistication and the dark-colored furniture pulls the entire space together. 
The bedroom is an absolute winner, excelling at showing the modern chic design that drains out your exhaustion, swooning you into an alarmingly pleasant mood. The teal blue bed upholstery that merges with the gold frame resting splendidly on the mirrored wall is an intelligent way to encapsulate the modern design while making the space appear wider. The grey and dark-colored furniture are quite a thing in their design - a paradigm for contemporary that brings the home into the present. 
The vitrified flooring and bathroom tiles speak for rich and expensive, giving us reasons to become that soulful bathroom singer. All the opulent designed bathrooms have one thing in common - plush and elegance. The glowing mirrors and glass partitioned shower spaces make the spaces more functional and look larger. The complementing tones of teal-colored bathroom furniture string along the entire decor, unifying the modern upbeat theme. 
Make your space ooze plush and elegance from every nook while scoring high on comfort. The Design Studio gives us access to ture-to-life modern renderings with a picturesque winning decor that looks expensive, original, and classy for the family that sticks together to relish and share their experiences as a unit. 


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