Escape by Creatomy Unveils Their New Capsule Collection – Le Jardin


Escape by Creatomy is well known for its mindfully created, handcrafted products with modern-day aesthetics and one-of-a-kind designs. Bringing together their resources to design a collection that is an ode to their craftsmanship, the brand has unveiled its new capsule collection of furniture pieces known as Le Jardin. 

The collection is inspired by the tiny protagonists nestled in the burrows of a delightfully quaint garden. These creatures are crucial players and help maintain the ecological balance of this delicate ecosystem. 

Designed to encompass and showcase the creative drive and technical finesse of the brand, Le Jardin is made in majestic proportions out of solid mahogany wood, eleven components cut by the five-axis CNC machine and assembled and finished by hand, revealing a throne painted deep black inspired by the snake, Serpentine.

Conejo: Ever present and the crowd favourite, Conejo, meaning rabbit, inspired the three-seater and single-seater sofa. Rabbit ears fashioned out of solid beech wood and stained indigo adorn the back of the seats. Boucle fabric and velvet were used to mimic the smooth and soft torsos and provide a beautifully tactile experience.

Gato: Inspired by the friendly garden cat, it is an effortless moulded solid Beech wood chair that is a brilliant example of modern woodworking. Stained in indigo and with delicate brass inlays that represent characteristic markings adorn our furry friends, the chair is a pleasure to sit on and can bring instant glamour and charm to any interior setting.

Ramita: Twig inspired the dining table. The table with the delicate glass top offset by the lazy marble Susan and the moulded solid wood and metal base all stained to Ebony pairs exquisitely with our delicate Gato chairs.

Cabalo:  Horses were the muse for these beautiful and statement crockery units. With long stylish solid beech wood legs and delicate details, the unit can easily be incorporated into any dining room layout giving your crockery and glassware the pomp and splendour it deserves.


Tortuga: The tortoise was the perfect character to design the structure of this bench. The solid beech wood base of the bench was designed to mimic the strength and backbone of the tortoise shell holding together the delicately upholstered seat.


All these animals played a large role in the brand’s thought and creative process, inspiring and challenging them to push the boundaries of their design process and put together a wholesome and cohesive collection.

About Escape by Creatomy:

Escape was founded by Prateek Sabharwal under the house of Creatomy. Tired of the restraints of the client's brief, Escape was born to go beyond the mundane, and blur the line between furniture and art. Escape mindfully creates furniture, lifestyle products and decor accessories with traditional craft techniques and modern-day aesthetics. The brand pushes the boundaries of material exploration, bringing together the old and new.

Escape believes that good design is for everyone, and enhances the user’s experience through improved functionality. The brand seeks to challenge convention in bringing something new to the table. Escape will grow over the next few years to add new categories to their offering, through category defining products.



Escape by Creatomy

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