The residence is a single storey unit located on a 1.35 acre property in Kochi. This 4 bed room unit is self sufficient in terms of its power requirement. The public, semi public and private spaces of residence have been zoned efficiently and the transition between them is subtle yet powerful. The orientation of the residence helps in ample ventilation of spaces and effective shading of the court and other semi private areas. The court with the pool and deck buffers as well as connects the two wings of the residence. Wood large openings, composite roofing system and elaborate landscaping lend a unique identity and character to the residence.

Linking the Earth and Sky – Most of the spaces in the residence have the luxury of viewing the sky above and ground beneath simultaneously Linking the Earth and Sky – Most of the spaces in the residence have the luxury of viewing the sky above and ground beneath simultaneously. This visual connectivity supplemented by the presence of lush green and water was a key component of the design conception and process.

The Concept of interiors was “to do nothing”. The interiors of this residence is not imposed, not an added layer. The elements and finishes simply complement the architectural spaces. The composite roof lends a unique character to the interiors. The large openings protected by the large overhangs of the roof provide the interiors with sufficient daylight and cross ventilation. Wood has been used extensively in the interiors. Walls are left plain, floor a monochrome black. Furniture is done in teak. Subtle elements like floor lamps, vases, curios add character to the spaces.

Functionality and Spatial Experience:

The entrance leads to a well planned public zone with formal living, dining, kitchen, etc. The corridor flanking the court and the pool leads to the private zone with the family living and bedrooms. The spaces are airy and well lit and integrated to the site.


It has strict adherence to the clients brief. The house is highly sustainable. The house is self sufficient in terms of power. Local materials and workmanship has been promoted through this project. It has been constructed keeping in mind the local tropical climate and is also responsive to the site conditions.


Roof: It is a composite roof with timber, reflective insulation, plywood and aluminium sheet which effectively reduces heating up of spaces. The roof acts as a multifunctional structure which not only provides shade but also acts as a base for supporting solar panels. The roof has been designed with a single gutter in the centre that collects rainwater which helps in rain water harvesting.


  • Solar panels have been installed along North-South axis, tilting towards South to catch maximum solar light.
  • Drainage is provided along the road sides.
  • Other facilities like security and CCTV are also provided.
  • Access to the site is through the eastern side.
    Parking for 4 vehicles are provided along the front façade of the house on entry.
  • Pavement has been provided around the structure to provide circulation to all parts of the site and access to other parts of the house.


The structure is mostly surrounded by two types of bamboos; Yellow Bamboo and Black Bamboo. Most of the plants used in the site are selected based on low maintenance. Other plants in the site are Astonia Scholaris, Rambutan, Ixora Coccinea , etc.


44/1045,LFC Road,Post Box:1876,
Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, 682017



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