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Architecture of Fitness power


Working out a space to work out.

Architecture is not only about shelter, it is also about expression of building to make you energetic, to excite you, to calm you or make you think.

C.B.Patel Fitness club in the Van Sthapati Assoicates portfolio is the First sports-related project and the first realize object of this type. A private client who turned to the bureau with this project, wanted to create a large stylish club with high quality equipment and original design. Reasonable prices, due to refusing from many side services offered by network clubs, were to become the main competitive advantage. Thus, an expressional dynamic design created by Van Sthapati Associates, was meant to become one of the client-attracting factors, a kind of competitive edge of this club.

A Site is located in currently developing fringe area in south-west zone of surat city.   A total master plan for 25,000 Sq.mt. of site has been prepared by Van Sthapati Associates(VSA), which integrate Client’s corporate office, a party Plot, a Health club with Restaurant and Lawn Tennis academy.   First phase of Client’s corporate office and Party plot, had been already executed for which Architectural and Landscape Design Consultancy was provided by Van Sthapati Associates (VSA).

When designing the premises , Principal Architects Ar. Nirav Shah and Ar. Dushyant Thaker has started with functional zoning of the program which comprises of Administration, Lounge, Café, fitness gym area and a swimming pool.  A main challenge and interesting feature of the program was to have a large and dynamic gym area of 7000 sq.ft. at single floor.  A challenge has been addressed with a support less large hall of vault shape.  Another challenge was to have an architectural expression of the building being a fitness club,  so has been addressed with a Dynamic wall facing the road, which express the ”Power of Fitness” in physical form. Thus the form of the building has been conceived as a vault inserted in a dynamic wall facing the road.  A building wraps around a swimming pool to form a private enclosure and also form a physical and visual extension for a gymnasium hall.

A dynamic wall facing the main road has to convey the “Power of Fitness”, which has been explored for various forms and materials and finally a Stainless Steel Fins with vibrant 3-dimensional language is been created.  A dynamic wall is facing an East direction, so SS fins catches bright morning sunlight and it feels like it is radiating out a positive energy.  Stainless Steel fins with brush finish create a drama of light with the movement of the Sun which makes the wall more powerful and dynamic in nature.

A large flawless volume of Gym hall derived by vault form gives a unique energetic space which connects to the exterior landscape through a large glass opening towards swimming pool.  One more interesting feature of the Gym hall is cardiovascular machines, which has been placed against the large glass façade so while work out one can connect with the outside views of pool and a garden. Thermal insulation reduces the heat gain from the roof and acoustic panel ceiling makes a way for energetic music inside a vault covered with powder coated Galvanised roof.


Climate responsive design had directed placement of various elements and activities.  Swimming pool in south direction helps to improve micro-climate and also serve as an outdoor extension for the club. South side sunlight is controlled by providing wide Verandah which also serves as a connecting space and element between Interior Exterior.

Landscape design becomes an inevitable part of the design and it weaved in such a unique manner that it blend with architectural language as well as it lends a unique character.  An entrance plaza landscape reflects the identical dynamic form of wall in lawn and flooring pattern.  Selection of plants near parking and pool creates a barrier and enclosure as well.  Circular Stone pattern with dense plantation follows circular form of Spa to makes a natural enclosure and blends with pool deck in a harmonious manner.  Deck adjoining the Pool finished with Stone and artificial grass paving pattern in zigzag style unify hard and soft landscape.

Ar. Nirav Shah and Ar. Dushyant Thaker, both Partners and Founders of the Van Sthapati Associates are also teaching in architectural institutions.  Involvement in academics has always kept the learning and exploring nature alive.  Architectural expression of the building results from response to Urban Context, local climate, need of the project and true character of the chosen material, which is beyond just a shelter, it will make you calm, will excite you and will make you think.


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